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NTLM proxy authentication

In case you are stuck behind a firewall that uses NTLM proxy authentication, and the programs that you want to use don’t know how to deal with that, the following can help you out.

The NTLM authorization proxy server (Sourceforge project) is a local proxy that sits between your program and the NTLM proxy and does the authentication for you. It’s written in Python, so you do need to have that installed (there are quite a few other NTLM authorization servers written in other languages around, though).

Simply configure the server.cfg file with the correct NTLM info (you can leave the password blank so it asks you for it upon started, more secure) and launch it in an open dos window. By default, it disallows other clients connecting to your pc, although it does have that option.

You then launch your other (python or other) program in another dos window, where you do a ‘set HTTP_PROXY=’ so that it redirects to the ntlm authentication proxy.

Works like a charm !

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2 replies on “NTLM proxy authentication”


You just found a solution for one of my nightmares in my previous company. I don’t dare asking you why you need it !

I actually needed it to update a python site-package (sorta like a custom-written library for the programming language python) and the easiest way to do that is via python with the easy_install command, but that needs internet access to download the package (‘egg’ in python speak).

All the restrictions that you are under still apply of course : you’re still going via the firewall and all of it’s myriad spam and anti virus services, it’s just not using Internet Explorer, is all.



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