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Using and keeping your bookmarks

While everybody seems to be using I never really found a valid reason for me to use it. Using the bookmarks system was ‘good enough’ for me.
Recently though I’ve visited so many websites of so many different types that my bookmarks were becoming bloated. On one of my (Firefox) browsers I had the delicious buttons installed, and I’ve started using them to ‘tag’ those websites I wanted to find back later, without actually bookmarking them. This worked so well that I will reserve bookmarking only for those sites I want to find.

Actually, I need a good cleaning of my bookmarks!

But when I wanted to install this on my other Firefox browsers all my bookmarks were sucked into the delicious system and I no longer had any bookmarks, only the delicious tags, which I find a kludge to find anything in it if you don’t know the name and you haven’t given it your own tags). There seemed to be no way to get just the buttons in the top navigation bar.
Turns out that there are two versions of the delicious plugin : one can be found in the add-on for Firefox (Tools, Add-ons) and it installs both the buttons and replaces your bookmarks and one can be found on the delicious website itself, and installs only the buttons.

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