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Sam has learned to shake his head to say 'no!'

This week Sam has learned a new thing : at the age of almost 17 months he can now shake his head very clearly to indicate ‘no’. Yes is a word he already can say (ja) and when he says it he nods his head very clearly.

Our life is suddenly much easier again now that we can sorta know whether he likes something or not.

His vocabulary is growing, he understands quite a bit more than you think at his age. For example, when he woke from his nap this afternoon I was playing with him, moving a black sheep toy quickly to and from his head with him laughing. I put in on my head when he sat up and he hadn’t noticed it. But when I saw him looking for it I said that it was on daddy’s head and he immediately looked up and saw it.

He still won’t say his name though, maybe that S-thingie is hard to learn, I suppose it comes later.

For now he has a bit of a fever (vaccinations) and I stayed home today caring for him. Apart from not letting him out of my sight (unless you want a mess everywhere) he is quite a fun boy, we played with the cars and he loves looking through books with pictures of animals in them (Tom did as well).

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