Syphonfilter : Dark Mirror (psp)

My new addition to my growing collection of psp games is Syphonfilter, Dark Mirror for the psp.

And I should really start to sell a few of those titles as it is getting to be a big steaming pile of them, few of which I really play…

Anyway, I’m still on the first section of the game, level 3, but if the quality keeps up (and all the reviews say so) I can heartely recommend it to all those dads who need to de-stress from their day of work (after the children have been put to bed, the kitchen has been cleaned and all that jazz).

The graphics are fluid, detailed, and simply the best I’ve seen on the psp so far. You can snipe, you can sneak, and an itchy trigger finger is quite optional although it can come in handy, so ideal for those of us who aren’t the fastest on the draw. There’s a very good introductory level showing you how to operate Gabe Logan, and if you beat the level time you unlock a weapon.

I like it better than Socom !

I’ve been playing on easy level. Man ! The hard level must be something, the easy level is quite enough for me. But I suppose that could be seen as a way to prolong the playing pleasure.

I remember FarCry, aaaaaah, those were the days. I played it in normal while others played easy, and then after finishing it (without cheats I might proudly add), I restarted it in hard mode, I was sooo crazy about that game. I’m still waiting on the next Crytek game that gives me the same freedom – supposedly there is one coming, sometime this or next year… Guess I’ll need to upgrade my pc.

‘Playable by Dads’ Rating : Pick it up ! 

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