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Les enfants sont comme des pets – tu supporte que ceux que tu fais toi-même…

Recently I was having a family reunion with my two aunts and my mum plus a niece and her husband, and afterwards we went to the local watering hole to have a drink.

There were a few kids playing behind us, playing with the lego in the play-corner, and it surprised me how many times that my family kept watching them and grumbling about the noise, which came as a surprise to me as I hadn’t heard anything excessive. I completely ignored their (happy) noises, they weren’t even fighting, just playing together and all that entales… so all was fine and I tuned it out.

This is actually quite a big change, I remember being incredibly vexed by a baby crying for what seems like hours on the flight to Australia (12 hours Singapore-Sydney with a baby crying at least 4 full hours of them – aaaaaargh!). It was irrational anger, I know, but since then I seemed to be particular sensitive to children making noise. Or so I thought.

I attribute most of the change to Tom and Sam, of course. Having two children yourself, you learn and adapt, you have to.

Still, I’ve changed. This made me think what else has changed, and I think that I’ve become a lot more balanced, less easely perturbed. Perhaps also because my job these last few years involves managing projects and the people working in the project and you learn to deal with all the issues that surround it.

A Mature Me ? Perhaps, but with Tom and Sam around I get plenty of time releasing my ‘inner child’. 🙂

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