Using a Gamepad with Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within

This game is quite good, but very hard to play with a keyboard and/or mouse. The developers recommend a dual action gamepad to play it. After being frustrated for the zillionth time in trying to do something simple like walking around a corner, I picked up a gamepad from Logitech – the Dual Action one, for 30 euros. It has an USB bus, is totally black, buttons are numbered from 1 to 12, and it was a doddle to install in Windows XP Home. All the other gamepads were either much more expensive or ridicilously cheap – to cheap to present any value. And since I already had a Logitech Wingcommander joystick, I chose the Logitech gamepad.

It is simply amazing what a difference it makes in playing this game !! All the commands become more or less second nature, there is no finger twisting to get to the right keyboad combination (and then pressing the wrong key), it simply works. Momving the camera about while running at the same time is soooooo easy

It’s like it becomes an extension of your mind,you need to think less about the key combinations (except for the combos). Now I only have the camera views that are sometimes not optimal to blame for my bad jumps..

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