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Eye tv guide ( EPG from ) no longer working

Something momentous happened the first of January 2009. Something enormous.

The eye tv guide (from Elgato) no longer updates with the electronic program guides (EPG) from, a website that just about every Electronic Program Guide provider uses in the backend to supply the actual program guides of all the television channels. I’m not the only one who noticed.

All the benelux channels seem to have disappeared, and there is no notice on about something being wrong. Just a blank page. Just BBC One and a few others are still available.

This affects all my devices : my Elgato EyeTV can no longer record my csi episodes automatically for my iPhone, my Kiss hard-disk DVD recorder no longer has access to it’s schedules, I’ll have to fall back on buying a magazine to find out what’s on, and program manually like in old times…

I hope this gets sorted out soon, but I’m not holding my breath in till then…

For those people who are also searching for a solution, you can contact by going here and filling in the support form.