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I’ll be holding on to my iPad 1 thankyouverymuch

While I admit that I would like more memory and a faster CPU, I’m pretty sure that

  • I don’t have time to play more games than the ones already on there
  • most games for the foreseeable future will be compatible with the original iPad
  • watching movies and surfing the web is what I do most
  • the way things are going, end of this year or early next year we will have an iPad 3

So I’m waiting for iPad 3 or later. Depending on how strong my will is, actually.


Deathworm HD for the iPad

I just recently downloaded Deathworm HD. HD on my iPad – the hours go whizzing by !

Apple Hardware


Well, I’ve just returned from a 10 day trip or so around Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, and for once I didn’t take the laptop with me. Instead I brought my iPad along, and it served very well as a light-weight replacement ‘entertainment device’.

No programming at all, just consuming lots of different media, for which the iPad is more than up to it.

I watched a few movies on it using the Videos app, read a book using the Kindle iPad edition, and some comics on it via Comixology, and kept some spending figures in a spreadsheet using Numbers. I also used it a lot with Offmaps, an offline map reader for which I had downloaded the appropriate openstreetmap part of france before I left. It’s no match for a gps, but coupled with the GPS that is in the iPad it’s like map reading with the added ability of seeing where you are and zooming in and out of the map as you please. I really hate those small screens of the current gps devices, it’s so hard to get an overview of where you are going, with the iPad it’s just natural !

One thing I do miss is that I can’t download new pictures out of my camera like I do using the laptop with the SD Card reader although I believe there is a camera connection kit on the market.

The next few trips will also have an iPad as long as I don’t have to do any programming…