My HD Recorder KISS DP-558 is dead. So is the Kiss website.

Kiss Technology is dead

After 4 years of usage, my Kiss DP-558 recorder is dead. Done. No longer working. And the Kiss website is down as well. Cisco/Linksys has taken over and shut down Kiss Technologies. More’s a pity that they never *did* anything with what they bought…

A mains current failure that came and went made sure that it died an agonizing death, always switching on and then switching off again. I’m sorry to see you go mate, you earned the ‘wife-acceptance’ trophy, which is hard to come by.

So I’m looking for a replacement. I’ve finally settled on a Emtec S800 (I originally bought the S800H, but this only has a digital tuner, not an analog, and we’re still (stubbornly) analog.

Still, no more Electronic Program Guide to pick and choose from. And still no H.264 (which the S800H did have) codec support. And no more having something decent looking under your televison that fitted in with the Hi-Fi equipment.


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Elgato EPG Guide / TvTv guide is back to normal

The Electronic Programming Guide that Elgato provides and that is based on tvtv for the belgim/dutch channels is back to normal !

It took a while, but all channels seem to be back.

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Eye TV Guide update ( no longer working)

I left a support message on the tvtv site a few days ago, and today I received this message :


Momenteel ondervinden we enkele technische problemen met de EPG waardoor u tijdelijk geen data ontvangt over de nederlandse kanalen.
Wij doen ons best dit probleem zo spoedig mogelijk op te lossen
Onze excuses voor dit ongemak.

Vriendelijke groeten,

tvtv Suport Team

It’s nice of them to respond – let’s hope that it gets sorted out soon – on the website it seems that the guides are already available again, however I didn’t get an update through my EyeTV guide.