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Ebay – laptop sold !

The aftermath of my Ebay Trubles.

After 8 days, I could file a complaint, and after a further 8 days without hearing anything from the buyer, I could annul the deal and put it up for resale. This time I put it up only for 5 days, ending a Sunday afternoon at 5pm, and it actually got sold for 30 euros more than before. So there is a silver lining to this cloud after all…

Still, it rankled, not hearing anything from the buyer. A simple, “No I’m not interested”, or “I made a mistake” would have helped me a lot.

The current buyer is picking it up this week. We’ll see if things work out, but I have good hopes.

Update : everything went fine.

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Ebay trubles

Gatverdamnten !

I’ve sold my old mac powerbook G4 on ebay the 14th of october, and of course the buyer is a friggin noob who has never before bought something, and he doesn’t respond to any mail that I’ve sent him. At all.

This is not the first time either that this happened – I’m getting seriously pissed off, now I have to report a complaint, get it agreed on by ebay, do a resale, probably get a lower deal, and do the whole thing again. You get all this serious bidders, and the last one in is a noob who by chance gets the package and probably never expected to win the auction.

I’m seriously thinking about phoning him up and… oh. Right. Not a real phone number, eh ?

Miljaaar !