Crossover Games 7.1 is out ! Guildwars works perfect !

I just helped beta-test Crossover Games 7.1 and it’s out of beta and into production.

Well, not like I tested *all* the games, but several of the ones I advocate for. No luck so far for ‘Broken Sword : Angel of Death’ or ‘Jade Empire’ but one of my fave MMO’s is running 100% : Guild Wars is running perfectly.

In version 7.0 Guild Wars ran, but there were some graphical issues and, what was very important for me, the keyboard arrows didn’t function very well. This is now solved, so I’m actually playing GW on my iMac, with no apparent slowdown !

Cool, but I had forgotten how loooong the coop missions can take to do. And ofcourse in two and half years or so (which was the last time I really played a lot) the population has changed. Everybody seems to be in a guild, and there’s not a lot of talking. I’m stumped on how I can get people to go into mission with me, it seems that only hardcore users are still running around there ?

Gonna try for a bit more, maybe I’m in the wrong area…