People I Remember

Ofcourse lots of people die. People in far away countries or close by. Your father or your neighbour or that guy up the road. Heck, we all die. You can reflect on it, be sad about it, but in the end, you move on, only thinking of them on special occasions.

I’ve found though that during my life, there have been a few that ‘stick’, even, or should I say, especially when you are not close to them or not really involved with them. It’s something about the situation they died in, a sadness that stays. At the strangest moments I can think of those deaths, of those people. And of course there are the people close to you…

This is the page I made for those people : I still remember.

John Massis (alias Wilfried Morbee). 1940 – 1988.
Called himself the man of steel. Did crazy stunts pulling cars or truck with his teeth. Never met him, saw him on tv a couple of times.
Hanged himself in his mothers home after being made fun of both on tv and in a magazine (Humo) for looking for a wife via an advert. Humo apologised in a one-pager afterwards.

Filip Van Fleteren.
Telephone guy in my company. Outspoken, competent.
I didn’t know him very well, it didn’t click, though we were in the same department for a while. I only *really* spoke to Filip the day before he left on vacation to the Swarze Wald (Austria) with his wife and 2 children, one which was a new-born. We spoke about family and phones and I was surprised about the person I talked to.
I looked forward to talking to him again.
He never came back. As far as I know, Filip had a mountain bike accident and hit a rock with his head, fatal. He was wearing head protection.

Jean-Marie Dauw (2005).
Family. Killed himself when he couldn’t face life no more. This shouldn’t have ended like this. Heck, his whole life shouldn’t have been like it was.

Adrien De Schuyteneer (June 14, 2011).
Father-in-law. Died of lung cancer on June 14th, 2011, having just turned 70. A man of few words, he taught me more craft by showing how it’s done then he could imagine.

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