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Installing HDX Media engine on Mac

This is a post to quickly detail a solution to the problem of installing the Citrix HDX media engine plugin for the Citrix Workspace app on your Mac.

If it keeps insisting that No, your workspace app is not installed while it IS installed (because, you know, you are actually using it!) then the problem might be that the script inside the installation package is not executed.

Why is it not executed ? Because the script is stored with a typo that only shows up on a case-sensitive file-system. And most Mac files systems are NOT case-sensitive.

Here’s how to fix it :

~ pkgutil --expand /Volumes/HDXRealTimeMediaEngine/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg                                                 
~ mv Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg/Scripts/RTMEconfig Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg/Scripts/RTMEConfig             
~ pkgutil --flatten Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg Downloads/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine_custom.pkg  
~ open Downloads/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine_custom.pkg

Basically, it unzips the .pkg file (similar to .zip) , unzipping it, renaming a file in there by using the unix mv (move) command so that the script will run correctly, and then zipping it up again under another name.

Running that custom package (in the script above it’s saved in Downloads) will normally allow you to get this to work.

I found this in an online bulletin board from the HDX version 3 versions back. Apparently it’s still not fixed.

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