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Devolo Powerline AV500+ network problems (2)

In a recent post I wrote about the persistent network problems that I had with my Devolo Powerline and that I solved it.

Wrong ! Turns out that the firmware update was not the answer – I now have anywhere between 1 and 4 days before I have to pull the devolo plug. I have contacted Devolo support, but they only sent me a faq about what to do when you have a slow network connection and how to solve it.

But this is not my problem – everything works fine, at reasonable to very good speeds, when *suddenly* the network connection drops. Bam, no more network connection. Usually when I’m copying something to the NAS. Like I’ve suddenly reached a limit on file size or file transfers and everything is cut off.

The only way to solve it is to remove the devolo powerplug (that is downstairs and connected to the router) from the mains, wait 10 seconds or so and reinsert it. That does the trick just about every time (sometimes it is the Telenet router that hangs, but that only happens once in a while).

Update : in the comments on this post people have found an alternate solution : using the devolo management software, you can restart the device remotely, and then it works again (the connection over the powerline keeps working so you can reach the device that way).

I’ll try and keep a count here on how many times I have to restart the devolo plug.

20121118 : reset devolo powerplug
20121125 : reset at least 4 times (doing heavy moving of content to NAS)
20121128 : reset 2 times (telework today, only citrix connection)

Update December 29 2012 : this problem has kept on appearing intermittently – either after a week or several times a day. It seems to indicate that there is a problem with the amount of data throughput.

Update April 09 2013 : I’ve received a new firmware from Devolo to test out, and applied it to all the Devolo AV500 devices I have. The problem is *less* when the network is stable (ie low usage, mail check and such) but worse when actually *using* the network. I now need to reset the AV device about 5 times on a work-from-home day instead of 1 or 2 times.

Update April 14 2013 : received another mail from Devolo to test out the devolo boxes. The test consisted of plugging in 2 devolo boxes on an extension cord so that they are connected via the same socket. A good linkage apparantly is that both the “power” and “home” icon on both devices give a “green” light. I’ve taken a picture of this and added this to the mail I sent back to them. I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten to the second level support as yet, all the things I’ve done until now have been the basic “check this, do that, there is a bad connection, you must be doing something wrong” type of answers that a typical first level support tends to give. I am persisting in keeping in contact with them, and hopefully I will get some more technical requests…

Update April 28 2013 :  I’ve received a few more questions about how my devolo boxes are setup, what type of modem that I use (a eurodocsis 3.0) and so on. I’ve sent those on, and they have now asked me to switch the devolo’s about to see if the problem is located in one physical devolo item or if this problem is caused by a network situation. I have yet to do so, but will do that in the following days. The questions have become more technical, the solution (switch em around) not yet, but it’s a logical thing to test.

Update May 19 2013 : on request of devolo support, I’ve switched my dlan AV500 plus around with my dlan AV500 Triple plus. So the dlan device with the 3 ports is now connected to the router and the single-port dlan which was connected to the router  device is now on the other end. For two weeks I have not had a single crash !  For me that confirms that the problem lies with the single-port AV500 plus. Maybe it has to process all the other traffic and can’t cope while the 3-port device can ? I don’t know.
I’ve informed Devolo of the results and am awaiting their reply. I hope they take this serious and do an in-depth investigation and fix this with a new firmware release. After all, I’m not the only one that is having these problems, seeing all the comments below this post. And putting a 3-port dlan switch on your router where only one port can be used is a bit useless to me.

Update June 9, 2013 :   Devolo support thinks that it is just one faulty device and have asked me to reswitch back the devices to the original locations to confirm that this is the case. I’ve done that and do have the same problems again. This is on the latest published firmware. I’ve also pointed them to this blog and have asked them to read the comments in this post. It seems very unlikely that it is just one faulty device when all the people below leave comments with a “me-too” message – or perhaps there is a whole batch of them ? I still hope a firmware update will solve the problem.

The problem evidently still has not been solved. And there are now 5 6 11 19 people who have left a comment saying they have a similar problem…

Update August 4, 2013 : Devolo support has concluded that the device has a hardware fault and that it needs to be replaced. They told me to bring it back to the shop and ask for a new one. They determined that it was faulty because when it crashes it does not show it on the device (!) as all the lights stay green. I’m disgusted by this lack of customer support and have written a (long) blog post about this. I’m also solving my problem at my expense by buying another device from D-LINK to replace my faulty devolo with.  No more devolo or devolo support for me.

Update November 12, 2013 : in a comment below, Arturo has found that the devolo 500 units have a cooling problem – they shut down when too hot. Removing the cover as he did so they can get more air (or alternately, perhaps drilling holes in the cover) could also be a solution for you. But be careful – don’t get electrocuted !

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308 replies on “Devolo Powerline AV500+ network problems (2)”

Add another one to the list. Same problem, I get great performance from my plugs with good pings and stable speeds then it drops. Factory resetting from cockpit fixes it for me but its ridiculous.

I’ve emailed Devolo about it. Wish I had come across this blog before buying them.

Just in to add that I’m doing a ping -t to the gateway 24/7 and the Plugs have NOT disconnected since. So simply keeping the connection alive all the time sort of fixes it for me. Ducttape/Chickenwire solution, I know, but it works for me.

I am afraid this is not the solution to everyone’s problem. In my case, and as well as another user in those comments, the problem is also sometimes encountered while actually transferring data.

In my case, I was using screen sharing to a mac connected behind a Devolo 500+ (which means there had been an active connection for at least five minutes). The plugs suddenly stopped responding, screen sharing stopped, and the mac was disconnected.

Only plugging/uplugging the adapters work.

I’m not saying your problem is not a real one 😉 In fact, that just proves the Devolo products seem to handle all cases poorly (sleeping in case of no traffic, and active traffic in some cases).

Same here, not satisfactory, dropping out on a daily basis, it is not practical to leave the pc to which the modem is connected running all the time, and running round un plugging each plug and rebooting is a faff. It would be so good if they worked properly. Get it sorted devolo.

In the hope that Devolo is reading this blog… I’ll just join the discussion to say I’m experiencing the exact same issue.
I own three dLan 500 AVPlus and connection is lost intermittently – usually when doing heavy data transfer such as streaming FLAC files or movie files to my PS3 (I love it when a movie stops after 10 minutes…).

I’ve updated to the latest firmware but same problem still. When I unplug the main adapter (the one plugged to the modem) and plug it back in, it usually restore the connection.

Devolo, DO SOMETHING ! The number of people having this problem proves there is definitely something wrong with the product !

Guys, do not be too naive, do not expect any quick fix to it. I bought 3 adapters at the end of last year. We are in the middle of this year. I have had the problem of disconnections from the very beginning.
And the problems is still there. I think Devolo paid for those reviews on internet. praising them for how good the adapters are. If fact they are unusable. At least for on-line gaming.

Well I finally found a permanent solution for this problem – I returned the whole kit to the retailer for a full refund! Good riddance to it I say – it was never reliable enough to depend on and more hassle than it should be in the end. I’m enjoying network stability finally, without having to watch it like a hawk 🙂

Nothing – powerline-wise. Using a wireless network now as have new router and new network cards, all very stable (finally!)

At last I found someone with the same problem as me. I have a similar setup, 2 x triple AV500 remote to the single AV500 that the router connects to. At first I thought it was the router dropping out. I’ve now ascertained that the router is fine. When a dropout occurs, totally random as far as I can tell, I can still access most of the network, just not the router, or internet. I’ve found that if I wait maybe a minute or less the connection returns and all is well. It is somewhat frustrating, but I’ve been using these devolo adaptors now in various guises for over 5years and this is the first time I’ve encountered any problem. Maybe the simplest solution is to replace the single with a triple. After reading this blog I also plan to send details of my experience to devolo, I’ve always found them to be quite good on the support side, but then I’ve never had a problem, just technical questions.

I should add that ‘the rest of my network’ is accessed through 2 x tripe AV500’s and 2 x single AV200’s!

maybe a solution : I’ve downloaded the Powerline AV utility from Dlink. ( )
Although the utility is from Dlink, it sees the devolo devices.
In this utility, you can set on the ‘Security’ -tab the Device passwords for both or more powerlines. (this code is printed on your powerline in the form of xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) Once you’ve set the device passwords, you can apply an encryption key for your devices. Don’t forget to select all of your devices. Until now, I’ve got a stable connection.

I followed this tip & it sorted out the connection from my AV500 Triple+ to the Router connected AVplus 500 1 port . I have an additional AVplus 500 1 port which i think still gets 2-3 freezes a day. As a home worker i have to get this sorted. I’m thinking of buying another Triple+ for the router connection? Glutton for punishment?

I got 2 dlan 200 AVplus.
THey are working great untill today.
A few days ago, i bought 2 dlan 500.
Everything looked great. But From yestarday random cuts have appeared.
Very strange, one of the 200 AVplus is unreachable from one (and only one) dlan 500.

It is frustrating.

I only just waded into this quagmire of problems today when I purchased a devolo dLAN 500 Network Kit – with the router connected unit and 2 single lan/wifi extenders. I have only managed about 2 minutes of internet connectivity in the last 4 hours of trying. I have solid green lights on both units for both the the ‘house symbol button’ and the ‘wifi button’.

Interestingly, the i.d. numbers of the units as shown on my iphone seem to change from one unit to the other, depending on which one is plugged into the power socket.

All very frustrating. Refund coming up I think … I don’t have time for this rubbish.


With all due respect, your problem (and the one of a few people who have recently posted here) IS NOT RELATED to the topic of this blog post.
This is about plugs seem working perfectly well, that stop working after a few days (until you replug them off and on).

I am truly sorry for your issue! But extremely unreliable connection is a common issue with many power-plugs/houses…
So I think people should only be replying here IF THEY HAVE A SIMILAR ISSUE TO THE ONE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG, which is quite exotic and only seems to occur with specific Devolo products
Otherwise, this will become a Devolo-bashing discussion, and this wouldn’t be productive.

I’ll let the blog’s author be the judge, I’m just another guy. And once again, I don’t deny that you have a power plug problem of your own 😉

Clearly you know everything about everything and will solve your “exotic” problem before people like me have even had breakfast. Funny thing though …. I got the impression even the the Devolo Tech Support aren’t sure of the issues involved … maybe they should just talk to you.

Pierre, it’s true that this blog post is about one particular devolo issue, but I am pissed off at Devolo that they have not reacted in a client-friendly manner to this issue that you and me and lots of other people are having. So I wrote another blog post about the Devolo support, which I think, pardon the expression, sucks. In this day and age that is not possible without somebody calling you for it.

Glad to see that the problem also exists elsewhere… Sadly enough no solution. Devolo also provided me the FAQ page as feedback on my complaint.

Searching for a solution, I also found complaints on the uk Amazon site…

So many complaints but still no answers…

Me too. I’m at the end of my tether with these damn Devolo devices. It all used to work perfectly and then about Feb this year it started to drop out.

Hi guys – I too had issues with the devolo’s so went over to solwise. Initially they were great but then the same issues started grrr… I then thought about the problem and went to the router – pressed the reset button so that it went back to factory defaults. When that started up again I then assigned an IP to each device – restarted each device so that the assigned IP address was given. So far touch wood since doing this my streamed tv shows / movies etc have played fine. So it could be the router that is causing issues and dropping the connections and when it connects again the attached device has a different ip ??? Blooming annoying though 🙁

I am afraid Devolo has ‘overstated’ its advantages. While it is a good system when it works the problem of connectivity is inherent in the way it functions. The factor that influence the working of the device are wiring in the house and the ‘interference’ from other plugged devices

I have the same problem. I’ve noticed that it seems to be when using UDP (such as Skype) and then downloading at around 110+ Mb/sec (around 14 MB/s).

If I talk on Skype and then transfer something to my NAS for example (which goes over the 110Mb/sec rate above) it seems to crash the homeplug – it’s like the homeplug can’t do two things simultaneously for a prolonged period.

Very strange and surely Devolo you should be fixing this. I’ll raise another case tomorrow.


I wish I had seen this post. Recently bought a NAS drive and the constant dropping of the signal from my router via the Devolo AV500 makes it very frustrating – esp if you are not home to plug the adapter in somewhere else to reconnect. I did my research and thought these were good ones – I hope I can get a return and buy a product fit for purpose!

Hi guys

I have been following this blog with interest. I too had paid out a LOT for the triple av500+ plus the standard av500+ and had no end of problems, I then sent these back and went over to Solwise (for noisy mains) in case this was the problem with the connection being lost all the time – nope still happening. Bought a new d-link gigabit router to make sure all my connected devices were gigabit lan – nope still issues with the connection being dropped :o( I had read on another site that assigning all your connected devices with an IP address may help – initially it did and I went for a couple of days without the media player dropping the connection but alas it came back..

Bare with me…

That was a week ago and I now appear to have a “stable” connection to my 2 devices (media players in different rooms and on different powerline adapters).

In my router i removed all reserved IP addresses for my devices (you can assign IP addresses to devices based on their MAC address which can be very handy). Once that was done I looked at the routers DHCP range which in my case was here is where I made things happen… I then went to my connected devices and gave them a STATIC IP – in the device settings you should be able to manually enter an IP address – make sure it is OUTSIDE of the routers DHCP range so in my case I gave my first media player the IP address and the other Keep the router as the gateway etc but you are no longer using the router to provide an IP address to your devices. Rebooted the router and the connected devices and a week on and not a single drop out.

Could it be just luck or by choosing IP addresses outside of the routers DHCP range has this cured the problem with the powerline adapters possibly trying to get IP addresses from the router making them drop the connection occasionally?

Hi Andy, if that resolves your problem it might be of interest to others to try this as well – I believe in the comments there is at least one other person who has assigned fixed ip addresses to his devolo’s and that solved the problem for him.

However, we could be having different problems. Since I’ve switched out one of my devolo devices (the one connected to the router) with one from D-Link, this has solved my problems. I have literally not had to reset/reboot any powerline device the last 2 months ! No static ip was needed.

There seems to be quite a few different problems that each need a different solution : bad quality wiring, routers that interfere, devolos that suddenly stop…

Another me too. I have two single Port 500av and experience the signal dropout repeatedly. It happens less at less busy network times. I see from the forum that there would not appear to be a clear solution or fix beyond the ‘full refund’. Funnily enough my green light does drop out when there is no connection. I am guessing that this is due to old wiring in the house I live in. Or the mentioned interference from other plugs…?

Hello Avatar6916,

for me there was no fix that I could apply except change one of the devices. It could be that you have a problem with old wiring or interference from your neighbours (if you have one).

You can try different things : enabling encryption, setting static ip addresses, updating firmware. You can also try to raise a call with devolo, but I’ve had no luck with them.

Hi again. I still have these problems now and then, but I can fix it using the dLan Cockpit.

I just go into the “Show Options” meny and push “Disable LED” and when its done I just do “Enable Led” and the Connection is OK again.

Hi, when a device works fine, then say after a year develops an intermittent fault, then I would like to state the obvious – something has changed! That could be physical related to the device, or related to the components that it interacts with to provide the effective end-to-end service e.g. router??
An earlier post mentioned router instability and IP instability … sounds like that might be an interesting line for further investigation?

Hey, might make you laught, but I had constant crashes/disconnects with a DLink 500 so I changed it for a Devolo 500 and, althought the connection is way better, I still have random disconnects. Can happen twice in 15 minutes or once a day it is really random but I keep having them. Did you have any feedback giving a solution about the Devolo problem ?

No, after the many mails I sent and replies received, once they concluded that it was the device, that was it. You might have another problem than what I had – my network connection via powerline has been almost rock-solid for these last few months. I say almost because I did have one “freeze” that lasted a minute or so recently (wireless connection did continue to work) but I did not have to reboot. I’m very happy with my solution as-is now.

Have had the same thing happening also with two standard AV500+. Its not even really sporadic (can be relied on to drop every day). Will try out some of the comments mentioned here and see if it improves things. Am also a tele-worker occassionally and its really problematic when the connection drops, as opposed to annoying when I have to redo file transfers across the home network. Thanks for the details about the other solutions tried such as switching to other adapters: was seriously considering replacements. New build so am confident its not the house

Edit: there we go: dropped just as I pressed Post Comment. Disabling / Re-enabling LEDs in the cockpit worked – thanks for that suggestion!

To all of you,

I wrote before in this post, I have 4 units of the 500 series, all of them with the same problem.

I realized when continuous streaming the units became extremily hot, and when reaching 60 Celsius, they usually stopped working properly

Solution, and it works. Open the unit just removing the 3 torx screws and leave it open. 3 of my four units never get hunged again. The forth one ( the one ths stream more), needed a cooling fan in front of it, and now with an aditional heat sink attached to the ridicoulus mini one, works fine.

I do recomend you initially to opérate them just with out the cap if no children arround. You would be amazed, they work fine. It is a cooling desing problem…..

Hello Arturo,
I admire your ingenuity in finding a solution to the problem, and it might be a good solution for some of those suffering from these problems. I’ll update the main post with a link to your comment.

I won’t implement it as I have children around and meanwhile have an alternate solution.
But really, Devolo should step up and face the consequences of their bad design instead of us needing to do DIY home repair.

Wow! If it is *design problem* then Devolo, being respectable german company ;-), provide all customers with replacements or face horrible lawsuit (!)

Exactly the same problem : wifi transfer of big files (videos) are impossible when my Devolo has been used the whole day and is hot : wifi shut down. But when it’s cold, it works fine and the transfers are possible… until my Devolo AV500 device becomes too warm.

i have the same problems, sometime the connection to the router in the other room is broken, while the led’s are still green – on the adapter, it looks that all seems to be o.k… but it’s NOT!! 🙁

you can try a downgrade (12.11.2013, current fw ver. from devolo is to a special 5.2.4 version; maybe that will solve your problems…?


regards, markus

You need a special too to downgrade. I think you can find it on the atheros website.

Another question: You write it’s a cooling problem. Does somebody known how to “underclock” (=speed-reduction) that devolo adapters?

For a firmware change, there are 2 files needed. One is the firmware (.bin or .nvm – you need the correct fw update tool for each format) othe other part is the so-called “personal information block” (.pib), with device-specific data. (many devices with same atheros 7400 chipset needs DIFFERENT pib’s – BE CAREFULE WITH TRY-AND-ERROR-TESTING !!! IN THE WORST CASE YOU WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE. if not, you can revert it to the current original firmware with devolo cockpit, that shoudn’t be a problem…)

that is a generic fw up-/downgrade-tool for the 7400 chipset powerline-adapters:

that is a tool to create and change “personal information block” data. you can use it to create/save them offline or read/write them directly from/to your plc device…

the devolo sdk contains many more tools.


I updated the firmware (Cockpit version shows v4.1.3) in the beginning of Sept and it was OK for about a week. It does not freeze every 30-90 minutes anymore… now it just a few times per day.

@Kit: Use that firmware:

On the page you can read the following:

“Note…. this is ONLY for AR7400 PL-500AV, 500AV-PIGGY and also 500AV-4PE (wall plug, 4 lan port model). Trying to install on other products might well kill them.”

This is NOT true for the devolo products, i tested it with my own! And it feets they don’t get so hot as before anymore; however: i neved had a connection interrupt since i use the solwise firmware.

(better than remove the case or someting like that!)

I’m still using another dlink device together with the devolo devices that are still working, and that is my solution that works. My 3-port devolo device recently just died on me. While shopping for another (Dlink) device, I talked to a guy who bought a new 2-port devolo device which made a constant noise. He returned it. Apparently build quality has not improved…

I finally solved my problem. I bought a pair of TP link AV500 passthrus and rreplaced the most important Devolo’s. The TP link one work fine and interoperate with the Devolo’s.

They are also cheaper smaller and cooler. Do not buy Devolo they are expensive shit with rubbish support.

Just a followup. New TP links have disconnected perhaps twice since I had them and it wasn’t entirely clear that my internet connection hadn’t in fact winked out.

This is so many orders of magnitude better it isn’t funny. As I say the TP will interoperate, my 2 operate between the most important point the other points are still for now devolo’s.

Devolo your 500’s are broken! Blaming the customer rather than mending them is bad business.

Interested to see all these comments. I too have the same “lost connection” issue with my Devolo AV500s. My remedy has been – unplug and replug.
In an attempt to fix, I have… 1) Upgraded to the latest firmware, 2) placed a surge suppressor between the router Devolo unit and the wall power point, 3) moved the router Devolo unit (added a small extension lead) away from the warm behind-desk location, 4) removed the router Devolo units casing leaving it to run “nude”… And nothing fixes the problem. It still drops 2-3 times during the streaming of a film. Ahhhhhh !!!
C’mon Devolo…. Time to come to the rescue before we all seek other manufacturers.

Thanks for all the hints! I;ll try them out, if none of them works, I;ll just return it back to the shop. Device is then faulty.

I have the same problems as mentioned many times. My link goes down and a website hangs.

I can restart it by (Win 7)

1. Clicking the internet connection icon on the taskbar which has the warnibg triangle when connection fails
2. Open the Network and sharing centre
3. Click on local area connection
4. Click on diagnose
5. Wait 20-30 secs
6. Occasionally you have to repeat the process

Same problem here 🙁 – [and I bought 3 of this failing devices… *arg*]

As I’am reading the comments here, I am wondering why buying an expensive German product instead of a cheaper Asian-copy which seem to be more stable… *headshake* Devolo, please!

Hey peeps, don’t only write it here…. also write it on the website you bought it from e.g. Ebay, Amazon, etc. This is the only way to put pressure on them. ‘cos the if someone searches for Devolo Powerline, then it will immediately come up with this rubbish that they sell. I will be buying another brand this weekend – I can no longer afford (up to) 2-5 timeouts/ per hour.

Giving feedback on Amazon and Ebay is a good option. I did send mails out to both Devolo here in Belgium and Germany, but apart from the support emails I never got a response. You would think that they would react, especially after I pointed them to my blog and told them how many people in the comments were complaining of the same problems, so this wasn’t just me that had these problems. I never got a reply.

I had problems with dlan 500AVplus 2x and dlan 200 (2x) in my house setup. For a couple of months everything worked perfect, I introduced 2 new wifi routers to the network + i updated firmware through the devolo cockpit and the adapters were having trouble finding each other and had a low throughput (don’t know the exact reason). However, after the latest firmware for the 500 avplus ( and securing the network with a password and a lot of other tryings (including logging in from different adapters with my laptop and putting adapters in by hand, it somewhow got back to its full potential and everything is running nice and smooth again.

Guys, in the properties of the ethernet adaptor, disable option “green ethernet” and another one called “green ethernet”, see if it solves the problem with connection drops with Devolo 500AV, it worked for me, at least got better!

I had the same issue, having two 500 AVplus units and one 500 AVtriple+ unit. One of the 500 AVplus units that is connected to a pc was regularly dropping it’s connection, while never having a problem with the other 2 units.
What seemed to work for me was to set the network speed on the NIC fixed to 100MB/Full Duplex, and turning off the Flow Control. Ever since I made these changes to the network card there have been no more connection drops.

I have solved the problem with the 3 Develo’s that I have 🙂
Yesterday I bought 3 Netgear Powerline 500 devices… have not had one outage since then. 🙂 🙂

I thought I was the only one with connection problems with the Devolo powerline adapters. I have the AV 500 Wireless starter kit, and they have been working fine for the past 3 months. Then all of a sudden this week, I kept getting very brief disconnections, only for a couple of seconds – yesterday this happened about 20 times I think. And every time it happened, I had to restart one of the programs I use essential to my business. It was getting very frustrating and was exploring other options until I found this blog!

I followed a couple of solutions – updated the firmware through the Cockpit and also switched the plugs over so I have the 3 port plug now connected to my router, and the 1 port plug connected to my PC.

So far today, I have had absolutely zero disconnections!

Thank you to all those who have helped.

Finally! It’s not just me going mad.
Had my Dlan 500 + triple for about 6 months now and always had this issue… at first I was using them in a flat and thought it had something to do with shared power grid.. Devolo support worse than useless of course… Then moved to a house with very slow broadband (200k max) and only had a few freezes… now I’m in a house with Virgin Media 60meg and guess what? Problem is worse than ever. Seems to be worse with higher throughput. Been trying to download torrents for one hour and so far have had 11 freezes.
I will respond to the useless reply I had from devolo when I first raised a complaint and direct them to this blog.
I doubt they will do much as they have no clue about anything technical. But I should at least try!
Will post back here if I do, in fact, get any kind of useful response.

I have frequent disconnects as well using 4 Devolo 500 adapters. Pinging a host on the Internet helps, but is not an acceptable solution.

I have not contacted Devolo, since I read in this thread that their customer support is useless.

Yep, me too. I have interchanged two AV 500 single units. It seems to be getting worse. All the units run really hot. I have Solved the problem by moving my NAS into the same room as the computer, hopefully on a temporary basis until I find a proper solution. Its now much quicker but the noise.

Glad I found this blog – thought I was going daft !
Getting approx 5 line drops during a film.
I was already suspecting IP conflicts so will concentrate there first.

dLAN500 AV Wireless+ is obviously not fit for purpose, and I will be returning it to the retailer if some of the above tips don’t work.

I’m having the same problem with my devolo 500 duo wifi I can’t get any connection either wired or wireless!
It worked fine for a few months then a few days ago it stopped working! I can’t get a home light on the 2nd plug just the wifi light. I con tactless devolo who told me to plug them in the mains together and do a reset but that hasn’t worked I still have a solid green light on the 2nd plug!
Really disappointed 🙁

Same here! Connection drops while copying “large” files (+500 MB) to the NAS.
I’m about to hard-wire the whole house! Devolo can kma!
Now I won’t even get a connection .. no gateway found!

My Develos used to drop connection every 2 hours. I could get it back by using the Network & Sharing centre and clicking on connections: Local Area area connections diagnose. Recently, since the latest upgrade the connection has been stable and I haven’t had any drop outs.

Got this problem, too. The only solution is to reset all devices to factory defaults every 5-10 days. This completely solves the problem. In my case I can see leds on the boxes turning into deep red.

dLan 200 AVplus, tested all available firmwares.

I’m having similar problems. I have 2 units one works mostly the other won’t connect. Tried replacing the non-connecting unit but the replacement is behaving the same way.

I am have the same issue every few day…
The connection restores itself after 3 to 5 minutes…
Usually when I start pinging..

Devolo 500AVplus with a single ethernet, not wireless…
Last firmware installed. At least that’s what the ‘Cockpit’ software tells me….

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