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Upgrading Flex builder (flex3) to Flash Builder (flex4)

I recently became interested again in programming in Flex after long abstaining from it when I found a tutorial on how easy it has become to consume a data service like Twitter, with the integrated wizard in Flash Builder. It looked to me like some nice tools could be made using that.

So I checked how much the upgrade would cost me : 277 Euros, vat included, to upgrade from Flex Builder 3 Pro to Flash Builder Premium.

This was a bit steep for me, just for trying out a new wizard. Further on, after reading a bit more I found out that Flash Builder Standard now contained all the charting elements that Flex Builder 3 standard had missed, and which was the reason I had bought Flex Builder Pro in the first place.

It also seems like I was stuck: I didn’t want or need the new “premium” features of Flash Builder 4, the standard would be fine for me, however the upgrade process always proposed me the Premium version of Flash Builder. Several other people on the internet are also complaining about this.

Really, they should have allowed people to purchase the standard edition, even if they came from the Flex Pro edition…

But then I remembered that I still had the original Flex Builder 3 standard edition – I had bought this originally, then bought the full suite. An upgrade from that to Flash Builder standard is only 99 Euros or so !

So I have bought the upgrade to Flash Builder standard and can now program in Flash again, for a very low price 🙂

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