Programming blog is up.

I’ve set up a new blog connected to my programming efforts. It’s on, the website I set up to store any tools/programs I making.

It’s a bit empty right now, and several links are still “dead”, like for example the demo, but I’m going to be adding more blog posts there that are program-related. I’ll note here any new posts that appear there.

On the progress front :

  • I’ve made some progress on following keywords, storing them, and collecting twitter user information. Everything is running stable on my laptop, in text version.
  • JQuery and JQuery-UI still rock, I’ve now found out how modal dialog boxes can be called up in a ajaxy way, which is really cool ! Coupled with cherrypy, I can initiate a dialog box that calls a page that does the db update and shows the results… really nice and much more user intuitive than being thrown on another page that tells you it’s done and you need to click “return” to see what changed.
  • in the following weeks I’ll be setting up a database, some keywords and a cron job on my webfaction host – I’ll need to see how they behave and if there are problems or tweaking to be done
  • still to do: setting up the graphics to show what I’m collecting, after all, text is not sexy.
  • after that, it’ll be writing the demo pages so that at least I can show what I’m doing
  • after that, the scary part comes – asking for feedback… 🙂
  • further than that I can’t or won’t look at the moment

I also discovered quite a few programs that analyse twitter, and for some time I got into a funk about one especially called hootsuit. It is really very very good ! It’s also very free, and it’s a bit worrisome to my idea of trying to gain money from my twitter analysis program if there are such good and great programs that are free. Obviously, a lot of care went into that program, and it’s very smooth and intuitive to use. Higly recommended to get a good overview of your tweets and following up on who said what. There are other programs out there (Social Oomp is one) that I admire (and which does ask money for the pro version).

That said, my focus lies on the keywords and not on the individual tweets. What I want to implement is different from what they are doing, so I still see added value for what I’m doing.

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