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Webfaction is my new hosting site

I’ve changed webhosting providers recently, moving to WebFaction because I have plans to develop some applications. The fact that on my original webhosting provider (which is very reliable) I only had 50 MEGABYTES where I now have 10 GIGABYTES for about 10 euros more (plus access to the Python scripting language, plus unlimited domains, plus emails, plus databases, etc) sorta clinched the deal for me.

The WebFaction control panel takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once you take your time to work with it a bit, you realize how flexible you can be in your setup. Domains are your basic dns domains. Each domain can have multiple websites (sub-websites). Each website can have multiple applications. Each application can be used in one or more websites.

Reminder to self : when installing wordpress on Webfaction, in order for it to send mail you need to install the “Configure SMTP” plugin, otherwise your notifications will not work.

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