When your flex test build suddenly no longer works

When I’m using Adobe Flex to run a test build of my application, often for testing a change I just made, I sometimes get an error, on which I click continue, and then instead of continuing, nothing else happens. This usually happens because of a run-time error.

Subsequently, Flex builder still works, but any release builds you want to create no longer get made; nothing shows up as an error.

I’ve found out that the probable culprit is the adl compiler, which is stuck, most probably waiting for input which you cannot supply.

The easiest way to get out of this situation is to use taskmanager to kill the adl process. This allows flex builder to run test builds again. However, the source that causes the problem is in the programming change you made, so you need to solve that first otherwise it will again create the same situation, and then you need to kill adl again…

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