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Now I Lay Myself Down To Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a organization of benevolent photographers that are on-call for when the magic moment of giving life turns tragic and a new-born baby dies. When parents loose their child in the very early days, often there are practically no images or pictures.
Often they would have wished to have more than just those few pictures to remember him or her by, shot at a time when the panic and stress levels were very high.

Via this organization, these photographers can be called up in the middle of the night and come and assist the grieving parents in taking professional quality pictures of their beloved deceased baby.

NILMDTS is already active in several countries, but at this moment not yet in Belgium – there are no photographers listed.

Seems to me that we could use some of this care and attention here as well. I’m not a really good photographer, nor, being the father of two children myself, am I certain I could contain my emotions, so I’ll be trying to spread the worth of this organization to others who are.

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