Adobe Flex Builder 3

I went a bit out on a limb last weekend and purchased Adobe Flex Builder (standard edition). It lets you create in an easy way a layout for your flash-based application and then add some code to your elements using the open-source eclipse editor it’s based on.

Of course, it means learning a whole new programming language, actually two : ‘mxml’ for the layout and ‘Actionscript’ for the more codey bits. If you don’t see me or hear from me, that’s what I’m currently trying to do…

Actionscript and mxml are as much class and object oriented as Python, and where I could get away in Python with just writing some functions and calling them, here I definitely need to use classes, extend them, etc… something I never until now had to get my brain around. Ouch. Sometimes it hurts.

Another difference is that the language is much more strongly typed, you need to identify as much as possible the type of variable you are defining, while Python is much more loose about that.

Still, my first essay so far is a generic form page for telenet in Flash, and works fine. Now busy adding a captcha to it, for which I reused an actionscript component on the intaaaarrrnet.

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