Far Cry 2 beginners tips

Last thursday I bought Far Cry 2 for XBOX 360 from the FNAC.

Once again, the xbox 360 price was substantially more than the PC version (59,99 € versus 39,99 €). Still, I don’t need to buy the latest PC gaming rig to play it on a adequate level, with the XBOX the graphics are more than good enough for me (Ubisoft has developed a new graphics engine).

Far Cry 2 is actually not a follow-up to the first Far Cry story, the only link is the name and what it gives you : unfettered freedom in a large (50 square km’s !) area that is just crawling with bandits, jeeps, houses, more bandit, animals, pipelines and more bandits, all waiting for you to pass by and shoot, slash, fire and bomb them up in ways only limited by your imagination.

There are plenty of weapons to be unlocked, plenty of missions to go through and several ways to reach them.

Bandits are actually very hard to see, you don’t have an augmentation like infrared binoculars or some such to point them out to you. If they are taking pot shots at you and missing, you feel like a fool standing there trying to find them.

You can get an inkling of where they are when you get shot – the streak of red points to where the bullets are coming from. Also your target cursor turns red when it on a baddie (even though he may be hiding behind something).

My tips so far are :

  • Check your gps/map combo regularly – it’s the key to a little extra income in diamonds, the local currency there. Don’t forget to look up or down !
  • For the weapon shop missions, which are always on the other side of the map, use the bus ! In most convoy destroying missiles, the bus stop is not far away from the mission and saves you traversing all the manned checkpoints (which quickly become a pain to pass as they respawn).
  • Use the boat as well – it gets you most everywhere else, in a very quick manner, with only a minimal amount of bullets.
  • Treat your buddies well – they upgrade your safe houses and will save your bacon when you get into a firefight you can’t win.
  • When there are too many enemies around, either hunker down and retreat if you are in the jungle, where you are easely conceiled or if in the savanne, toss a molotov cocktail their way – fire is a very effective way of preventing them encircling you and giving them something else to think about than you.
  • Use the target cursor turning red to scan the areas for baddies.

My favourite weapons so far (I’m only 8% far or so, plenty of weapons to unlock) are :

  • for my main weapon the sniper rifle
  • my side arm is an Uzi
  • my special weapon is the machine gun, but I’m thinking of upgrading to either a flame thrower or a rpg for that special explosive feeling !
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