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Running update September 2008

The problem with running is that you stress your muscles more than when you are just walking around.
That means that you discover problems with your body that you thought you didn’t have. In fact, I thought everything was hunky dory until then. Compare it to a car that is always driven at 40 an hour. When you speed it up to 80, you’ll find out that it can’t take the strain without something giving.

I still run regularly about 4 kilometers once a week (hoping to find the time to bring it up to two times a week) but I need a knee bandage on my right knee. With the support of this I can run without any problem. Without it I can run short distances.

I’m hoping that this situation remains stable, or even improved (although I doubt it).

One of the alternatives I’m looking into now is finding a not-too-expensive fitness center where I can go run on the threadmill. I’ve noticed that this is much, much softer on your feet and knees that the actual road. Trouble is that nowadays almost all fitness centra work with an all-in formula, where you can do everything and anything you want, but you pay quite a large sum for it. I’m hoping to find a small old-skool one, where you can just select what you want to pay for.

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