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48 hours of interruption

Should you’ve passed by the last 48 hours or so, you might have noticed that my domain had been parked, and that you arrived on a meaningless advert page. My apologies for that, this was none of my doing.

So far I have not received an explanation from my website provider (I have been with Priorweb since 2002 or so). I can only guess that the problem was with them thinking I hadn’t payed my bills, as my renewal was up for begin April.

Apparently there is something like paying too early, as I had already paid somewhere in February !

Anyway, the technical reason is fairly simple. If the domain name is not renewed, the name goes up for grabs again. This is why my domain name suddenly pointed to an advert page. There’s a grace period of several days before someone else can claim the name, so I got it back after complaining furiously. The DNS name change needs to be propagated across all the DNS servers, and is normally set to update once a day. So that means that it took at the very least or so one day when the domain registry lapsed, and one more to reset the DNS correctly.

I’ll wait for a better explanation from Priorweb.

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