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When I ordered my iphone I ordered it from the USA via the site the actual delivery was speedy, the follow-up was not. When I ordered it I didn’t want to take any chances with customs and taxes, so I payed to have it shipped out to me including prepaid taxes and customs duties for the additional amount of 157,49 dollars extra.

However, 2 weeks after receiving my iphone, I received an additional invoice from fedex, asking me to pay another 27,99 euros. This turned out to be the invoice that was supposed to have been prepaid by International Orders. However, it was not prepaid. The Fedexbill clearly showed the tick marks that the recipient was to pay for the customs fee.

So I asked them to refund me the 157,49 dollars I had already payed. That’s 109 euros I paid them to pay a bill of 27,99 euros. Clearly they have a serious profit margin on pre-paid customs and duties…

At first they apologized, then they hemmed and hawed, and then only wanted to pay the additional bill and no refund IF I could show them proof of payment ! I wonder how I, a Belgian, can convince an American that yes, this piece of paper in Flemish that I sent to you is indeed proof of payment…

Really ! First you get a customer who pays you to send it prepaid, then by making a mistake you make him pay more and potentially a fine ( the iphone was undervalued on the form), and then you want to reimburse him only for the additional cost and then only if he has shown you proof of payment !

My advise : be careful when dealing with internet shops, and be especially careful with International Orders !

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One reply on “ customer service is no good. In fact, it's bad.”

I haven’t used, but one point I was considering it. So I did a search on Google and found that a lot of people had bad experiences similar to yours.

I would advise that if you’re shopping online, try to find online retailers who will ship directly to you, so you don’t have to rely on some third party to receive your package, then re-ship it to you.

It can be frustrating trying to find these online shops that ship internationally, but recently I discovered a very useful shopping directory:

The design is very no-frills, and basic, but it filters its directory by country, so you know which shops ship to the country you are in.

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