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Sad, sad, saaaad News.

It’s very sad news that I read today : Terry Pratchett, 59, is suffering from a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease. My favourite author who writes comedy zen books, or maybe zen comedy books is suffering from a Alzheimer’s disease, a neuro-degenerative disorder that progressively leads to dementia and eventueal death. The average life-span of an Alzheimer patient is between 7 and 10 years.

I always thought that Pratchet would still be writing books way up into his early nineties, probably until the day he died, forever keeping me looking out for his next new book.

Dying old and healthy will probably be denied to him, and it feels just soooooooo unjust that one of the world’s greatest writers (in my eyes, and it the eyes of a lot of other people as well) will gradually lose his humour, his wit(s), and in the end, himself. I hope it’ll all work out for the best, that something can be done to stop the disease, but you live with the cards you are dealt with.

I sincerely wish him well, that his rare form of Alzheimer’s can be treated, and I hope that he can continue writing.

Update : you can read his original letter of 11 december 2007 and follow-up at Paul Kidby’s site, who is the artist for all the discworld drawings.

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