Fable versus Assassins Creed

I had bought Fable second-hand on Ebay – the original xbox version, since I had heard a lot of things about it. So I just put in the disc to verify that it was okay, just for a few minutes, and then I would go back to playing Assassins Creed.

That was an hour and a half ago. Fable is captivating, full of plot changes and the music, aah the music is especially sublime. It really feels like you are playing a movie. A predictable one, at first, as the begin story faintly reeks of the first few minutes of Conan The Barbarian.

Even though Assassins Creed graphics are way more beautiful, Fable manages to deliver a story, and you can appreciate the care to details that has gone into this game.

I just wanted to express my experience here : that good games can have good graphics, but that it is secondary to their value as a game.

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