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Iphone upgrade to 1.1.2 and keypad/sms problems ?

This is a fix for iphones in unsupported countries (at the moment only the UK, France and the USA are supported).

If you upgraded your iphone to firmware 1.1.2 and are suddenly realising that :

  • your phone does not ring when somebody calls it
  • the sms application does not want to start up, but does show the number of new sms on the springboard
  • the iPhone keypad does not want to load

then you need to install the 1.1.2 tweak from Conceited Software called iWorld. You can find this in via the in the Tweak (1.1.2) section.

This fixes the crash that happens in countries that are not supported by the iPhone.

Took me while to find this, maybe somebody else can be helped with this.

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