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Mac Automator

I discovered a new function in the mac ‘automater‘ – the graphical GUI tool that allows you to drag-n-drop parts to make a batch program.

You can actually save a created automator script as a plugin – the most useful in this case would be an iCal plugin. This allows you for example to create a script that can be launched at certain times (but your computer needs to be awake for it work, though).

Very cool – I used to do this via Cronnix, but this is better.

There’s actually heaps and heaps of automator actions that are becoming available all the time. It’s great ! You can create an automator script that will

  • import your photos from your camera
  • rename and resize them (if you have the correct programs installed)
  • and will upload them to your website
  • and create a backup .dmg file, ready to be archived on cd or dvd

I loooooooove my mac !

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