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First Google, Now Yahoo… Belgian French-speaking Newspapers don't want links or caches.

This is a bit ridiculous.

The Belgian French speaking newspapers (united in CopiePresse but don’t bother clicking as the site is still under construction) are so fearfull that their content will be stolen that they have attacked first Google and now Yahoo of linking and especially caching to their content. Simply put, they want no deep links (links to articles inside the website, nor caching of the published information).

The newspapers united are – – – – – – – – – – –

The scheme they use to try and make money of course is the problem : first they publish the information for free, but if you want to access it later on, you’re required to pay up.

Of course, they can use the robot.txt file to indicate what they want the search robots to look into and what not. But that is something too simple…
So far, I have never used any newspaper archive service to look things up, mainly because it goes against my feeling of justness to pay for something that was published ‘free’ first of all.

I wonder how people are even going to know those previous articles exist on those sites if the major link and search sites are not allowed to index them.

Flemish Links : ComputerWorld The Inquirer

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