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Anaconda – moving the search bar in your header

Hah – found it !

When the browser window is too small, and if you moved your title around in your header, sometimes the search bar will overlap above your title or your image where you don’t want it to be – not very nice. I found out how to change it though…

Just a quick reminder to myself what I did to move the search bar below.

In the Anaconda style.css file (found in /themes/anaconda ) – go to the section called /* FORMS */ and just below that you can see the subsection /* FORMS – general classes */.
After that is the /* SEARCH */ line – below this line is the line that you need to change.

In my style.css file, this is line 675.

/* SEARCH */
.sb-search {color:#fff;font-weight:bold;position:absolute;top:60px;right:20px;left:auto;width:18em;}

By changing the values for ‘top’ and ‘right’ you can move the searchbar down and more to the left or to the right. Top was originally set to 10px and right was set to 30px.

Now if I can only find out where I need to change all the color settings… I really want to get away from the “redness” of this theme.

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2 replies on “Anaconda – moving the search bar in your header”

I’m dying to try the Anaconda theme, but the site has been down for at least the last two days and I can’t download it! I don’t anyone here at has an unadulterated copy of the files? I’d be very grateful!

Hmmm – no they are not down – are you sure you have the right link ? This one worked for me.

If you still can’t reach them, let me know, I’ll see if I can find my downloaded copy somewhere…

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