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PSP Firmware 3.02 cracked – PSX games possible without needing a PS3

I don’t know if the people at Sony were lazy or if the people behind the cracks are that good, but for at least a week now the psp firmware 3.0 (first 3.0, then 3.01 and now 3.02) has been cracked.

This is great news for those of us who would like to use emulation software on our psp.

If you downgraded from firmware 2.71 (now even from 2.80) to firmware 1.5 or used a custom firmware like 2.72 SE-B or SE-C you could already emulate lots of other systems :

But so far, Playstation One games (also called PSX games) could not be emulated on the psp. There was an attempt made early this year by an independent coder, but that didn’t really get that far, although many wished for it.

But now, Sony officially allowed you to buy and download psx games – on your hugely expensive PS3. You know, the one that currently (dec 2006) is nowhere to be found ? That is hugely expensive ?

That’s right, in order to play your old games (that you might still have lying around) on your psp you need to buy a PS3. Of all the stupid hare-brained schemes, marrying the psp to the PS3 to get PSX games is a really STUPID way of getting attention for your psp business.

I really get the feeling that the psp is not exactly the center of attention at Sony Games. Here is a chance to let the psp system shine, and whoops! – you can only download from our servers if you have a ps3. It simply sucks.

No way am I going to buy a PS3 – I’ve got two kids with the eldest being five years old, so I’m going to buy a Wii so I can play games with them ! I like my PS2, but I’m still selling it for the Wii – there’s only room and time for one console in my living room.

So for Sony Games to allow us to purchase PSX games only via the PS3 means that they are missing out on a lot of the emulation market – people who have fond memories of them playing games in their youth and want to relive the experience on their psp and marvel at its ability to be able to play them – in the palm of their hands !

So that’s why this is great news for those of us (like me) who don’t own a PS3 and are not planning on buying one anytime soon, and by the time I might buy one my psp will likely have gone to its grave…

Xenogears (if I can find the discs again) here I come !

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