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Busy with my new mac

I don’t have too much time right now.

I’m busy migrating my content from my mac mini to my new iMac, plus dual-booting into Windows XP to get a good dose of the latest graphical games there.
It’s a swweeeet beast… Guess which one I have ?

Ok, ok, for my own benefit (I just realised I use my own blog to find the hardware details of my stuff) :

Imac 24 inch consisting of an Intel Core Duo 2 (2.16 Ghz) , 2GB ram, 500 GB harddisk, Nvidia 7600 GT (256 MB Ram), AppleCare protection for 3 years).

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2 replies on “Busy with my new mac”

Hey Alex !

Great site ! Didn’t know you had two boys now. We’ve got two boys too!

Saw that you have a PDA phone. You are ahead of me but I will be catching
up soon with a Palm Treo 700W. I plan on putting all kinds of stuff on
it and maybe even a TomTOm GPS. How geeky cool is that?!?

We plan on a visit to beer country this summer. Hope to see you then !


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