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Anaconda Forum is Up !

At last, the forum for the Anaconda theme is up and running.

Even better, one of my pet peeves with this otherwise excellent theme was to put my background image on there.

One of the first things that got a response :

Add the image, which you want to display in the header, to wp-content/themes/anaconda/styles/images directory. For example say your image is named headerImage.gif.

Then change the line at 748 in style.css in anaonda theme directory:

#header {background: #666 url(”styles/images/sprites.gif”) repeat-x 0 100%;margin: 0 0 25px;padding: 0 0 8px}
#header {background: #666 url(”styles/images/headerImage.gif”) repeat-x;margin: 0 0 25px;padding: 0 0 8px}

Note: Image height should be at least 100px to cover the header area.

As you can see, it sorta works, but it’s not really what I want :
– the image is squashed, or depending if you are changing the repeat-x to no-repeat 0 100% you only see part of it
– the whole line is not filled in
– it’s not centered
– the title of the blog is in the wrong place, for me it should be more to the right.

So I’m going to continue to experiment. I’ve been studying the css code some more, and it seems that most of the things that I want to do are onwards from line 742 in the style.css file.

For example, to change the color/font/size of your sitename, simply adapt the line #header #sitename (the line just below #header). If you want to move your site header name to the right, change the margin from “0 0 0 40px” to “0 0 0 380px”.

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2 replies on “Anaconda Forum is Up !”

Hi Alex! I am using the same theme in wordpress (anaconda) as you… I saw your link on adding the image to the header, and followed your instructions… but it is not working for me. Did you change anything else?
Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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