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The power of Tie

Recently, I’ve done a small experiment : I started wearing a tie to work again.

I don’t have to wear ties or jackets to work, as I don’t meet a lot of customers. However quite a few people here do ties and jackets and suits – and the higher you are in hierachy, the more it is expected.

Here, it seems that if you are really serious about your career, then you wear a suit to work every day.

I’ve always had my doubts about the efficacy of this, certainly after wearing a suit to work for the first 7 years or so of my working life. Having to mandatorely put a suit on really made me dislike wearing them. Plus, in my previous work everybody wore a suit, so the effect seemed nullified.

Now that I am in a company where it is by choice, I actually want to wear one from time to time. So the impact should be greater. So after many years of going tie-less, once more I am wearing a tie and occasionally a jacket.

The results are in : after a week, the difference is surprising. The tie and jacket do make a difference in the way people regard you, I even get nods from people who normally pass me by. It’s not like I am doing different work, but you definitely get more respect.
So there is definitely truth in the saying “The Clothes Make the Man”… or at least, they do in the eye of the beholder.

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2 replies on “The power of Tie”

Welcome to the club Alex. Next thing you will notice is that based on the color of your
tie, people tend to react differently.


Yup. True. A red tie seems to come over as more agressive.

Did you know that in Japan wearing a red tie means you’re leaving your job ?

Ta, good to know I’ve got a reader !


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