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Anaconda WordPress theme

Hold on to your eyes, ladies and gentlemen – I am trying out a new theme called Anaconda, and it rocks !! Loads of things to muck about with.

For the next few days, ouch ! Although soonish I’ll be settling back down to normal, don’t ya worry.

The installation of the theme went surprisingly easy – just unzip the file under your WordPress theme directory and you’re good to go. If you want to have some widget fun, install that one too (the unzipped directory goes into the WordPress plugins directory).

Update :
This is a really flexible theme – I just activated the plugin section, and I have succesfully configured my new left-sidebar just the way I like it. Anaconda is still in beta, currently at version 0.7 but it seems stable enough. A bit slower on loading the page though.
I think I am going to keep this theme, although I might need to do some tinkering, but I have to say it is the best theme I’ve come across so far !

What I am currently missing is a simple way to change the color of the theme’s titles and put my custom picture on top…

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