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What is a manager ?

I’m reading the Hackers Diet, and apart from being a free online weight loss book, it’s also chockfull of references and insights to other issues, some of which are pretty usefull for everybody.

Coming from one of the founders of Autodesk (John Walker) this is not suprising. The man has oodles and bags full of experience in managing a company and the people in it to share.

I just had to share this particular insight with you which is in the section “Managing Problems” :

The world of the manager is one of problems and opportunities. Problems are to be managed; one must understand the nature of the problem, amass resources adequate to deal with it, and “work the problem” on an ongoing basis. Opportunities are merely problems that promise to pay off after sufficient work.

Aaaah. A Good Definition, methinks. He continues though, stating that a manager does not fix a problem… Solving a problem requires a mix of both managing and fixing it.

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