Crrrrrrash zzzt! SD Card loses Program Files directory

Miljaar de miljaar !

I just lost all the programs that I installed under /SD Card/Program Files, just like that. Although I regularly back up my built-in flash, I only back up my SD Card every 2 or 3 months or so. It takes too long using Active Sync, so I back up whenever I use my Card Reader, which is infrequently.
On top of that I managed to crash the ‘installed programs’ list while trying to reinstall my stuff. I was first removing it from the ppc and then reinstalling them via Active Sync. When I was cancelling an install I apparently cancelled more than just the program.
I’m going to use a two-pronged approach to solve my problems:

  • those applications I have backed up from the SD Card I’ll be copying over again to my SD Card
  • I’ll do a restore of my system memory from a backup I created two weeks ago. That should leave me with only one or two applications that I’ve lost, hopefully, but with the ability to again install programs on my SD Card.

That’ll teach me to backup my SD Card a bit more frequently…

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