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Sam is growing quickly

Quick update on the family.

We’ve had the last few days off and have been doing an impromptu spring cleaning as well as visiting Paradisio, much to the delight of Tom who insisted we see the aquarium twice !

Sam is getting to be a strong boy. Only just 11 months he already has 6 teeth plus the showings of two others. Crawling is for babies, so he prefers standing up and shouting his joy at the world. Lately he’s been walking around the table keeping in contact with one hand all the time. He’s certaily a happy baby.
Soon he’ll be walking around, so we’ll have to start putting all the small things away out of reach.

Tom is growing fine, although he has problems with his flat feet. He wears soles, and after a day of playing wakes up at night with nagging pain in his feet. Hopefully it is just growing pains and it will pass. He has suffered two or three heavy colds and probably a bit of the flue, and at the moment is easely tired. We got him his first bike recently, and he favors that above walking.

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