2 new PSP titles added : GTA & Steamboy

Thursday I added 2 new PSP titles to my collection, the game ‘GTA : Liberty Stories’ and an UMD movie called ‘Steamboy’, both bought second-hand in a specialty shop in Leuven.

I’ve heard enough good things from GTA not to pick it up for 35 euros (5 euros more expensive than on eBay) and when I saw the semi-new movie ‘Steamboy’ on sale for 10 euros, I picked that up as well. And truth to tell, I bought GTA also for it’s collector value; it’s the game you need with firmware 2.50 that allows you to run homebrew software via a savegame corruption. I reckon in the next few months or years it’ll be sought after, as I think Sony will be more vigilant than ever in checking any titles coming out for it’s platform.

My PSP collection is growing larger than anticipated. Strangely enough I play mostly one game, Tales of Eternia, I haven’t even started watching the steamboy movie. I don’t think it is greed from my part as much as it is thinking ahead. I can imagine several things I might be doing (a long train ride, vacation time) where I wouldn’t mind watching a movie or playing a game. It’s for those days I’m buying these games and now a movie.

At least, that’s what I tell myself…

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