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SD Card problems

We’ve been on holiday the last week to Centerparcs and it has been a blast. Except for the return, when the last hamburger I ate there (I only ate two) didn’t agree with me and I had the runs for two days.

Not fun, that.

Anyway, when we were going over there, I used TomTom to navigate to the place. At one stage TT (installed on my pocket pc’s main memory) could not find the card that was installed on the sd card.

A reboot helped, and going back home it kept on working until I again did a reset (the normal one, not the hard reset). And suddenly all my programs installed on my sd card are gone ! I still have my documents, but that’s about it.

Damn. When I loaded the card up on my mac, it showed me the folder names, but as 0 bytes executable files… Guess I’m screwed. I’ll do a reformat of the card tomorrow and reinstall my stuff on there. I just hope this was a once-off happening.

Just about the only thing I wasn’t doing a backup on was my sd card… I now regularly, after installing new programs, make a copy of my sd card to my pc.
Update : I removed all the affected dirs and reinstalled my applications. Now doing a backup…

Update 2 : It seems that I have to be very carefull when rebooting my pocket pc. The best way to do it is to turn off the pocket pc, wait a while, then do a reboot or reseat the sd card. If I press the reboot willy-nilly it usually manages to loose whatever files where associated with the program I was currently running.

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