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WordPress upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0

I just made the upgrade to WordPress 2.0 – so far so good. I have lost my default header, will have to fix that (update : fixed) and see what else is new. So far lots of changes in the admin interface.

Things I’ve noticed that are still not ‘there’ :
– an addition to the menu to let you determine the width of the screen space your blog uses on screen; I would like my blog to be a bit bigger on screen, I find those empty bars on the side a waste of screen. Not completely, mind you, but still, a bit less empty
– still no menu bar when you write a post on a mac using Safari. In windows you have all these buttons, on a mac you need to do it all by typing html. UPDATE : this seems to be Safari not following closely enough. Firefox 2.0 does give you the menu bar !!
– a way to specify your header image for the default theme from the admin menu. It’s only the most changed thing in the universe of wordpress blogs… UPDATE It seems that since 2.0 theme designers now can create an optional functions.php file in their theme that will let you do custom configuration of that theme. See also what’s new in WordPress 2.0 for an overview.

All in all, those 3 things I’ve noticed are actually already solved in 2.0, if you use the right software/theme !

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