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PSP Firmware Comparison Chart from PSP-Vault

In my web statistics I’ve recently noticed several Google searches that look for more info on what you can do with a psp and at what firmware.

For those people, following PSP Firmware Comparison Chart will help you get a better picture of which firmware can do what.

And for all those people looking for UMD-launchers or how to run pirated games from a memory stick, I’ll complete the overview from the above website :

  • You can only run pirate copies of software from a 1.00 or 1.50 firmware. Why ? Because you need kernel access to use an UMD launcher, and from 2.00 upwards the kernel is encrypted.
  • Certain games already *need* 2.00 to run, and you can expect newer games to require 2.50 or higher and you can also expect that this will keep happening.
  • New PSP’s in Europe have firmware 2.00 or later installed on them.
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