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I just added a new site to my ‘worthy site’ link list, I had managed to find his site once before a year or more ago, but lost the link when I migrated to Apple hardware. I tend to like to start ‘fresh’ again, and only copy my most used stuff across.

Joel Spolsky is a programmer who knows how to write, and has kept a log of it for a long time now. His site has been made into two books. Lots of his articles on his site are very interesting and extremely well thought out.

So in my quest for quality blogs, this one had to be added to the list.

An entry that he made in 2001 is very pertinent to the situation in Europe now (and I guess everywhere else where outsourcing happens more and more).

Two yuppies in a living room buying an e-commerce engine from company A and selling merchandise made by company B and warehoused and shipped by company C, with customer service from company D, isn’t honestly adding much value. In fact, if you’ve ever had to outsource a critical business function, you realize that outsourcing is hell.

Also read the comments.

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