Update on the minimax

I’ve been very happy using the Iomega minimax drive, but I did not find anywhere the Dantz Retrospect backup software that was promised to come with it, as was mentioned in the Apple page (and on the Iomega page) when I ordered it. I looked on the Minimax drive itself, I double-checked the box and the included Solutions CD, but nowhere was there any trace of the software.

Since then, I’ve contacted Apple After Sales support, and I am happy to say that I have gotten a very helpful After Sales Support person by the name of Harriett. She has contacted Iomega and they will send me the Dantz software on disk.

On the (slightly) minus side, I noticed that while my Firewire connections worked, my USB connections on the Minimax were not working. I thought that there was a chip inside that rerouted the usb connections via the Firewire cable (or vice versa, depending on which connection you made).

After reading the manual a bit more (yes I know, I should read it more thoroughly), I’ve discovered that there is no technical wizardry involved in having an extra USB and Firewire hub on the minimax drive. You have to connect both a Firewire link and a USB cable for both hubs to function, which means that you gain 2 Firewire ports instead of 3. The USB uplink is provided seperately, so you gain 3 USB ports.

I’ve used them all ! USB Webcam, small USB hub, USB mouse, FW DVD drive, FW camera link, oops full already ! Luckely I’ve got enough connections for now…

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