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Baby update

Sam is really getting to be a big and chubby baby. Now at 7,2 kg, he is a very active 4-month old baby, with a ready smile or laughter for you if/when he recognises you.

He is also the most vocal baby I know – he just sits and kirrs when he is happy, which he is a lot of the time (so we must be doing something right). Even when he is ill, he is always happy to see you. He loves to play in his playpen.

At night, he tends to sleep between 21.00 and 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning. Somehow, this makes it harder for us than when we had to get up during the middle of the night. Even though we sleep longer hours now, it is more of a chore to get up at 5.00 than to get up at 3 or 4.

Tom is being a very good boy, and eating lots of different things. Even going as far as trying out new combinations of drinks and food spontaneously. Wow.

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