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Guild Wars : slow going

I am still playing Guild Wars, I am even in a Guild – Team Uppercut. However, with the birth or our son Sam it’s been slow going – I can only play an hour or so most every days.
This is exactly the reason why I did not pick a MMORPG game that you have to pay monthly. I’ve only payed the one fee for all this fun.

When I joined my guild (as second member and officer !) me and the ‘master’ were ahead of most of our team mates. Now I’m the one waaaaayy back at level 14, while all the others have already ascended (for the non-GW players, this means that they have gone past level 20 after some very hard tests).

Still, can’t complain, when I’m in a spot of trouble they come over and help me out, and that very hard mission that I had trouble doing with henchies (henchman, non-player characters that you can hire) or with a PU group (a pick-up group is a group of people who don’t know each other who usually don’t fit in very well together) suddenly flies past!

So yes, Guild Wars still kicks serious backside for me !

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