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Artificial Meat, Anyone ?

There have been a number of articles about growing muscle tissue from separate cells (aka ‘meat’) – separately from an animal, that is.

Writing in the journal Tissue Engineering, Matheny said scientists could grow cells from the muscle tissue of cattle, pigs, poultry or fish in large flat sheets on thin membranes. These sheets of cells would be grown and stretched, then removed from the membranes and stacked to increase thickness and resemble meat.

The advantages are several : you control which nutrients go in or are left out (can anyone say Omega3 for better cholestorol ?), and if taken up worldwide, less carbon-monoxide generated if you remove all the poultry/cows/pigs and whatnot that are kept for food. Also a lot less chances of any outside diseases and bad food given to the livestock poisening you.

But honestly, the idea is weird. One commenter from Ars.Technica said : “I don’t know wether to laugh, cry or barf”.

Still, it’s just something that you have to think about, and logically, hey why not ? I eat quorn all the time, which is a mycoprotein from the fungi family, aka mushroom and mold stuff. If I can eat that, why not this ?

Yup. Gonna have to think about this.

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