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Surviving the baby boom

We’re actually doing better than I thought we would be doing – as pointed out by the fact that I can start up my pc and can write blog entries and even -Caramba!- play Guild Wars for half an hour sometimes.

Sam can definitely cry, but he seems to be a lot calmer than Tom. Perhaps calmer is not the right word, he just seems to be able to sleep better. Tom was a very notorious bad sleeper when he was that age. Sam seems to sleep rather better and longer! Last night he slept more than 6 hours, which helped Dolores to recover from the brink of sleep-deprivation.

He does have a lot of trouble with cramps, though, after feeding. Takes a while for those to dissipate (usually by dissipating in his pampers).

Tonight I was watching the telly with Sam in the crook of my arm and suddenly I felt ‘watched’. It was Sam who was looking at me very intensely.

Probably checking me out, already.

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