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New Maps for Counter-Strike:Source

Valve entertainment just released 2 new maps for Counter-Strike: Source as well as some bugfixes. I’ve started playing CS:S about 2 months ago, after I finished Half-life 2, and despite the many times I’ve cursed it, it’s very addictive.
I did like HL2 Deathmatch a lot more early on, but in the end, CS:S is much more rewarding when you think things through. I’ve noticed some new behaviour in my game playing style : I tend to rush less (erm, sometimes), and I try to aim better for the parts that count. And I don’t do foot shots (that automagically become headshots, due to a bug). And just this last week I noticed that I’m bettering my scores (from time to time). Depends on the map though, sometimes I’m still worth nothing. Slowly but surely I’m making it out of n00bdom.

I also think CS:S makes you think longer about what you do than HL2 DM : in CS:S once you’re dead, you’re out for the round, and have to sit it out. In HL2 DM, you die only to be respawned somewhere else immediately. Like most similar online games, really.

Sometimes I wonder if kids don’t take the wrong lesson from these games and become callous in real life : in real life, you often only get one chance to do something right (or wrong). After that, you can make amends, but there is no ‘respawn’ or ‘undo’ button.

Oh well, I guess they will learn from their errors as I did (and still do).

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