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Gallery Integration

There’s actually two posts here to do with gallery :
– how to get gallery to integrate with WordPress
– how to get images from Gallery into WordPress

I’ve been busy trying to integrate the Gallery Photo application with WordPress.

Since I’ve only just discovered both applications, there is a lot to learn. Gallery does provide some integration for PHP Nuke and some other CMSses, but not (yet) for WordPress.

I managed to find a bit more information on what to hack from the ScatteredThought website, but their information seems to be a mix of setting it up for the old 1.2 WordPress and the new version – for example, I don’t have a wp-layout.css file !

A few of the problems I encountered following the instructions :

    1. No wp-layout.css file : in WordPress 1.5 this has apparently been replaced by the styles.css file that is particular for each theme. So, simply edit the /wp-content/themes/default/style.css file to add the new class and you are good to go. Of course, you might want to back this file up first !
    2. The code to edit the wrapper.header.default file is not entirely correct : as a consequence of point 1, you need to edit the wrapper.header.default file to point not to the wp-layout.css file, but to the theme directory for the images.

Results are, hmmm, how to say this, encouraging but not succesful. I now have my logo on top of my photo application, with the background from the WordPress blog, but not in the correct size.

Actually, I would like to make the whole blog site take up the complete screen, or close to. On my 19 inch screen, there’s a enormous amount of space that’s not being used by my blog.

Update :
Found a plugin for WP called wp-gallery : It allows you to put (thumbnail) pictures from your gallery in your post. Excellent !

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One reply on “Gallery Integration”

Correct, I now need to change it to WordPress 1.2 integration.

But as you state it is very easy to figure out how to integrate 1.5 with the new theme system.

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